CRA Audits

Service Provided

Objections and Audits

from the CRA

On occasion you may receive objections or audit requests from the CRA. Our experienced team is here to provide constructive assistance, extreme diligence, and transparency to solve any issues that arise.

With our advanced technology, we organize all your financial data relating to each year's tax return. Thus, we are prepared on your behalf to provide financial reporting to the CRA in defense of audits. With the highest level of assurance, we will work on your behalf to provide CRA all information they require during an Audit.

Managing an Audit

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We will discuss with you, your needs and provide a cost per service

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Our experienced team takes pride in efficient, diligently prepared financial reports


Using highly specialized policies and systems that meet or exceed laws and regulations to file a meaningful audit

Audit Review

Important Info


Our team is dedicated to providing quality audit and assurance services to our clients


We are hands on with the execution of any audit or review services, working to maintain accessibility for our clients


Our team has representation ID in order to represent you directly to CRA where necessary/required.