Self Employed Tax Prep

Service Provided

Income Tax Prep

for self-employed individuals

We work directly with you to gather all required paperwork and information to get your taxes filed on time. As a self employed individual, we can help sort out deductions, expenses, and other details you may not have considered. We strive for gaining you minimal tax payments, so you only pay your fair share. If you ask, we can also represent you to CRA. Our team holds the expertise and intelligent software you need to maximize your tax return and ensure all deadlines are met.

Prompt, Efficient Tax Prep

Get A Quote

We will discuss with you, your needs and provide a cost per service

Gather all Documents

We will let you know what we need to successfully prepare your return, and how to get the documents to us

Prepare Returns

Once all information is on hand, we will prepare your tax return files and submit to CRA directly on your behalf

Get Your Refund

Any refunds or remittances will be sent directly to you once filed. We will provide you with a full electronic copy of your return

Tax Preparation

Important Info


We will let you know all important filing deadlines ahead of time in order to avoid any penalties


We are upfront with you on costs, details, deadlines, needs, and any concerns you may have


When necessary, we can represent you directly to the CRA in case any disputes, audits, or concerns arise